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Who I am?

I am Patrick Nijhuis, a couple of years ago I was captured by the Urban Exploration or Urbex virus. I live in Deventer and I am a Concept Designer, Art Director and Freelancer. In my spare time I am an Urbex Explorer. I really love Urbex.

Why Urbex or Urban Exploration?

The thrill of finding an new location where no one ever took photographs before. The excitement of selecting a new location. The tension in our stomachs when we’re standing in front of an abandoned building. “Will we be able to get in?”, “Is there security?” “What will we find there: complete chaos or the beauty of a forgotten past?

Absolute silence and the smell of dust

And then, the sounds that interrupt the absolute silence in the old building: the sounds of our footsteps on the concrete floors or the raindrops falling through the ceiling, of pigeons unexpectedly flying away. Smells of oil, dust, dew, steal and wood. The play of old colours caused by years of neglect and age.

Emotions, smells, sounds and sights that work like an addiction.

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